About Us

Our story begins in 1961 with a young Cary Nalls, and his grandparents, Carroll and Mattie, spending their days working a large garden. Cary, a born entrepreneur, tells them that they have more food than they can eat and should sell their extra.  The family set up a small wagon in the front yard, not unlike the lemonade stands of the suburbs.  Neighbors and friends stop by to pick up produce and soon figure out that it is really good stuff.  Their little wagon soon becomes a busy little wagon.  Cary and his grandparents expand their business by buying wholesale produce at the market in D.C. and their wagon grows to a tent.  Eventually a permanent structure is erected and a few bedding plants are added to the mix.  Cary has a thriving business by the young age of fifteen.

Today, Nalls has become a destination for those searching for that perfect plant, a real tomato, the sweetest sweet corn, the sound of roosters, and a true piece of Americana.  Our garden center has grown over the years, but we still sell the best local produce in town. We remain family owned and operated, now ushering in the fifth generation as a roadside market.  Customers from all walks of life flock to Nalls on the weekends to shop in a relaxed, country setting.  In the fall, children are always eager for the famed pumpkin patch to open.  This fort of tubes and crawl spaces, covered in straw and pumpkins never fails to please children and parents alike.  The holiday season transforms Nalls into a Christmas tree field.  Customers will spend hours finding just the perfect tree for their holiday photo.  They will often also pick up one of our beautiful fresh handmade evergreen wreaths that we make here on-site.  Along with our unique atmosphere, we also strive to serve and support our community.  We coordinate regularly with local schools, charities, and organizations to help with various community projects.  Nalls also makes a conscious effort to support other locally owned businesses.  We strongly believe small businesses are the backbone of the community and by strengthening them you are essentially strengthening the entire community.  All of these efforts have helped to establish us as a true community member, not just a retail market.

Whatever it is that brings you here, you will be treated to our down-home values and simple philosophy.  We treat our customers like we would want to be treated – with respect and care, and give them a quality product of which we can be proud.